Flow Modular


With Flow Modular, three different Flow modules can be combined and endless combinations can be created.


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Production & Shipping

Our products are handmade by local craftsmen for every order and don’t contain stock. Therefore, we kindly ask you to give us 5-7 weeks for production and delivery. Our prices are excl. VAT.




Comes in three colors & two finishings
Enables modular configuration
Made in Turkey



Width and depth: Vary based on configuration
Height: 155 cm



Electrostatic coated steel
Stainless steel

  • Sending a request order does not mean that you are ordering a product. This form is made for you to get in contact with us—to get information about the ordering process and the product itself. You can also include questions and notes. After these steps, you will be able to order Flow via Email.


  • Flow product line is handmade by the local craftsmen in Istanbul for every order and doesn’t contain a stock. Therefore, we will kindly ask you to give 6-8 weeks for production and delivery.


  • Flow offers various configurations which make the shipping cost diversified. It will be calculated at the check-out page—according to the following destinations for now: Turkey and Germany.


  • We will get back to you about the exact domestic and international shipping information.


Thank you! (◕◡◕)