Paleworks, currently based in Berlin, was founded by Ozan Akkoyun and Yagmur Ruzgar in 2017. The studio focuses on a variety of producing—in the areas of art, architecture, and design. This multidisciplinary approach creates a base for art direction, identity design, art installations, styling, product design, photography, and editorial writing.

Paleworks’ growing product line consists of diverse outcomes. Sweatshirt and t-shirt collections can be defined as basic yet sleek—suitable for any occasion. The postcard lines contain building illustrations with short descriptions—each of them seen and experienced by the two founders in person. Finally, the modular structure made of tubular steel, “Flow”, aims to blur the line between different fields by offering many functions.


Art Direction, Editorial Content Creation, Naming, Packaging, Branding, Public Art, Spatial Installation, Still-life Photography, Print,  Wayfinding, Website, and Digital Design.



Ozan Akkoyun, Co-Founder


Yagmur Ruzgar, Co-Founder



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